GRITR Titanium Grill Mesh with Protective Case, Titanium Tongs, Hanging Hooks

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GRITR Titanium Grill Mesh: Product Info


Who knew eating while camping could be so easy?
With GRITR portable outdoor campfire grill mesh, you will find that campfire cooking is easier and more enjoyable than ever before when you're outdoors!
If you want to go camping in the backyard, host a barbecue party on the beach, have a BBQ party in your garden or campfire party at any outdoor space, GRITR grill mesh is definitely the best choice! The over-the-fire camping grill mesh with folding legs is specially designed for bushcraft and expedition camping. Lightweight and durable, this grill mesh is made of pure titanium which is durable and reliable in performance.

GRITR camping grill features a square grid that allows heat to move all around your food and makes it easier to cook a hot meal. The grill is designed for use with outdoor cookware, frying pans, skillets and pots and is suitable for direct contact grilling.
The foldable and compact design of the GRITR grill mesh makes it super easy to set up (no tools required) and easy to carry and store. The storage case protects the grill while transporting. It is made of durable and washable Oxford fabric.


Grill Mesh with Folding Stands
- Material: Titanium;
- Size: 12.9" x 9.7"

Hook with Hanging Wire
- Material: 304 s/s;
- Size: 3.5" hook with 16.7" wire;

- Material: Titanium;
- Size: 6.5";

Storage case
- Material: Oxford Fabric;
- Size: 13" x 10";

Features of GRITR Titanium Grill Mesh

  • GRITR over-the-fire camping grill is made of high-quality titanium material that makes it light, portable and long-lasting
  • The foldable design with stainless steel legs of GRITR titanium grill mesh makes it super simple to set up and carry around
  • The good heat transfer of titanium makes it easier to cook a hot meal with this folding grill when you are outdoors
  • Designed for BBQ and use with outdoor cookware, frying pans, skillets and pots, for cooking over an open fire
  • Comes with titanium tongs which help to hold the food securely. Their compact design is great for storage tongs inside the case
  • This grill can also be used as a folding table. The legs of the GRITR grill are very strong and stable
  • You can hang the GRITR grill over the fire with the a help of hook and hanging wire (included) so you can adjust the height of the campfire grill mesh according to your need
  • The grill comes with a durable storage bag that is convenient to carry
  • Campfire grill mesh size is 12.9" x 9.7"
  • GRITR grill mesh is perfect for camping, picnic, or bonfire party, this grill can also be used as a small outdoor table

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Grilling Accessories
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Use the camping grill for cooking over an open fire. You can hang the grill over a fire with the help of hanging wire and hooks and adjust it to the height according to your need to control the cooking temperature levels. The grill can also be used as a small outdoor folding table. The stainless steel legs are very strong and stable. Simply unfold the legs, stand it up, and it is ready.

GRITR titanium tongs are a must-have in any BBQ toolkit. Non-slip mesh at the ends hold the food securely, minimizing the risk of slipping and sliding. The high temperature resistance of titanium prevents deformation of the tongs, while compact design allows easy carrying. GRITR titanium tongs are an indispensable companion for camping, hiking, barbecue and other outdoor activities!

The folding design of the GRITR grill allows you to carry it just about anywhere. Simply fold the legs and put the grill into the storage bag - and it is ready to go anywhere you need! Perfect companion for your outdoors activities!

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