About us


GRIT is defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as:

“firmness of mind or spirit: unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.”

We all face challenges in life. We are told – we are not talented enough, smart enough, strong enough, good-looking enough, “fill the blank” enough. But despite obstacles (these or others) – we carry on the journey of life.

Grit is what separates the ones that will keep going from the ones that will throw in the towel and quit when faced life’s challenges. Grit is what you need when talent is simply not enough.

So what is GRITR?
It’s GRIT to the power of R.

The team at GritrGear exists to design, develop and manufacture products for activities that we ourselves participate in. We are outdoor enthusiasts that like to shoot guns, hunt, fish, climb mountains, ski, mountain bike, go off-road and off the beaten path. We have taken the best ideas from the products we like and made them better to serve our needs.

At the core of our products
are the principles of:

      • Simplicity
      • Functionality
      • Dependability
      No matter the circumstances. No matter the mission.
      You can count on them every time.
      You don’t quit and neither should your gear.

At the core of our team are the
following values:

      • Resilience
      • Resourcefulness
      • Resolve
      • Adaptability
      • Listening
      • Authenticity

We build innovative products by solving problems we find while doing the activities we enjoy.

We partner up with fellow enthusiasts, designers, and suppliers to solve gear problems in a new and creative way.

We will improve the experience of the active lifestyle pursuits by building better gear.

Better gear and better experience of active pursuits will draw more people into the outdoors and relationships with each other.

By discovering nature and one’s place in it - people will become better versions of themselves and make the world a better place for all.


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