GRITR Titanium Camping Mug w/ Lid & Folding Handles - 15.2 oz or 25.4 oz

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Product Description

GRITR Titanium Mug: Product Info

If you want to take a minimal amount of gear on your outdoor adventure that can provide multiple functions, you should take a look at a GRITR Titanium Mug 450/750 ml. GRITR camping gear is essential for any outdoor activity. This camping cooking cup comes with a lid which has steam holes. The lid protects food and beverages from being spilled or dusted. A folding handle allows you to hold the cup without burning your hands. With a mesh sack, it’s convenient to carry this titanium coffee mug and protect it from scratches or deformation.

Perfect for various outdoor activities, this titanium large mug will be an awesome gift for both active outdoor enthusiasts who spend their weekends backpacking or hiking and picnic lovers who prefer a quiet rest in a flower meadow.

Our camping cup is available in 2 sizes - 450 ml (15.2 oz) and 750 ml (25.4 oz).


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Features of GRITR Titanium Mug

  • Made from titanium material, this camp mug is ultralightweight, corrosion-resistant and durable
  • Titanium does not affect beverages or meals, maintaining their original taste
  • The folding handle design makes this titanium mug convenient to carry as it takes very little space in your backpack
  • Folding handles prevent hands from being burnt if you grab the GRITR teapot with something hot in it
  • The bail handle (which comes with a 750 ml cup) makes it easy to cook on an open fire
  • This ultralight titanium cup comes packed with a mesh sack for comfortable carry
  • The GRITR large cup can be used as a small boiling pot, tea or coffee cup, water mug, heating container, or outdoor cooking gear
  • The titanium mug is perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, outdoor adventures, survival, and even for a picnic with your family
  • The camping cup conducts heat rapidly and cools fast
  • You can warm your drinks on an open fire or cook the food with a barbecue using this versatile camping gear

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Folding handles make it a great backpacking mug as it takes very little space when folded. The coffee cup is supplied in a mesh sack for comfortable and easy carrying.

This titanium mug conducts heat rapidly and can be used as a small boiling pot, tea or coffee mug, water cup, heating container, or cooking gear. It is perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, survival, outdoor open fire cooking and even for a picnic with your family!

Made of titanium, this camping mug is tough and ultra-lightweight. GRITR outdoor camping gear is extremely durable due to its sturdy construction and corrosion resistance. Titanium does not affect beverages or food, maintaining their original taste.

This product has a One-Year Limited Warranty.

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