GRITR Camping Tripod Grill Board Set - Compact Portable Rustproof Camping Gear for Outdoor Cooking - Stainless Steel Campfire Tripod Plate, Adjustable Chain and Leather Case

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GRITR Camping Tripod Grill Board Set: Product Info

GRITR CAMPING TRIPOD GRILL BOARD SET is used for camping, hiking, outdoor adventures, rescue, extreme survival. It also works well for breaking something or opening shellfish foods. It is suitable for all the hanging camping kitchen utensils, Dutch oven pot, water pot, teapots, coffee pot, kettles, etc. It is a great camping kitchen accessory that provides you with a pleasant cooking experience.

Easy to Install - Combine the tripod plate with three branches or wooden/bamboo sticks that you can find anywhere to turn them into a simple stable tripod. Put the branches or sticks through the tripod plate, put the chain through the middle hole, and you will get a campfire tripod ideal for outdoor cooking. The hanging chain can be adjusted to a suitable grill height, for more convenient cooking.

Compact and Portable - The portable tripod board is small-sized and lightweight, so it's easy to store and carry and can be simply put into a pocket or your backpack. The camping kit is supplied in a leather case for convenient carrying and storage. The case is made of reliable eco material, making it durable and able to keep the tripod board set in safety.

GRITR Camping Tripod Board Set comes in a set of 3:

- Tripod board with the ring
- Leather case
- Chain

Features of GRITR Camping Tripod Grill Board Set

  • Perfect Gear for Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Cooking, and Campfire Activities
  • Easy to Use and Install
  • Compact, Lightweight, and Portable
  • Comfortable to Store and Carry
  • Made of High-Quality Stainless Steel
  • Durable, Rustproof, Waterproof, and High-Temperature Resistant
  • Unlimited 'GRIT' Lifetime Warranty
  • Tripod Board comes in a set of 3: Tripod Board with the ring, a Leather Case, and Adjustable Chain