GRITR Shotgun Cleaning Rod & Magnetic Shell Retriever Tool w/ Shotgun Choke Tube 3 Pack Set for 12 Gauge Beretta/Benelli Mobil & Multi-Caliber Gun Cleaning Kit | EDC Firearm Accessories for Men & Women

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Product Description

GRITR Shotgun Pack: Product Info

GRITR produces top-notch shooting and tactical accessories to meet the requirements of both professional and amateur shooters. This kit includes products that help shotgun owners to maintain their firearm in perfect condition and increase firing accuracy in various target shooting or hunting situations.

GRITR Quick Stick streamlines your gun maintenance routine. Suitable for field cleaning of 12/20 gauge shotguns, this telescoping pole meets the preferences of the most demanding shooting enthusiasts. It is equally useful for collecting metallic objects, making it a versatile tool for shooting ranges and general cleanup tasks. This adjustable telescoping aluminum pole extends from 15" to 53", allowing for easy storage and transportation in most bags and compartments like outdoor blind bags, dove buckets, or even in your pocket.

GRITR Shotgun Choke Tube 3 Pack Set consists of extended choke tubes, which are sturdy hunting accessories used with modern shotguns to improve shooting performance. The choke tubes help shooters to control the shape and spread of the shot and customize the shotgun for specific purposes. Comes with a choke wrench to install or remove choke tubes from the shotgun barrel and a zipper case for convenient storage. This GRITR 3 piece choke tube set is crafted to meet your expectations in the field and at the range.

GRITR Multi-Caliber Universal Gun Cleaning Kit basically covers all caliber guns and is suitable for cleaning almost all types of pistols, rifles, and shotguns. The kit contains everything you need to maintain your gun in excellent condition. The tools are clearly labeled with the corresponding caliber number, so it is easy and convenient to select the corresponding size even if you are not a professional gun cleaner.

All GRITR products are covered by our GRITR "UNLIMITED GRIT" Lifetime Warranty. If your pistol accessory becomes damaged or defective, GRITR will repair it free of charge. In the event your tactical gear can't be repaired, we will replace it with an equal or superior model. The GRITR Warranty does not cover lost, stolen, and cosmetically or deliberately damaged products.

Features of GRITR Shotgun Pack

  • GRITR Shotgun Pack is made for hunters and sport shooters who demand the best, and allows them to adapt to different game and shooting distances, providing the edge in the field
  • This kit includes tactical accessories to keep your shotgun in top condition and improve shooting accuracy - GRITR Shotgun Cleaning Rod & Magnetic Shell Retriever Tool, GRITR Shotgun Choke Tube 3 Pack Set, and GRITR Multi-Caliber Firearm Cleaning Kit
  • The GRITR Quick Stick is a dual-purpose shotgun accessory that combines the functionality of a magnetic shell retriever and a cleaning rod
  • It сomes with a brass brush & 20 gauzes, allowing for thorough and effective cleaning of up to a 34" 12 gauge barrel or a 28" 20 gauge barrel
  • With the magnetic shell retriever handle, up to 10 spent shells and other metallic debris can be effortlessly picked up
  • The GRITR Choke Tube Set includes 3 different pieces with the most beneficial choke constrictions: Improved Cylinder / .711, Improved Modified / .701, and Modified / .706. Engraved with details of the choke system, its constriction, and its type
  • These shotgun choke tubes fit 12 ga (18.60 mm) Beretta/Benelli Mobil choke systems to increase your results when hunting or practicing target shooting
  • The extended chokes are made of strong 4140 steel coated with a black oxide finish to provide superior corrosion resistance
  • The GRITR Firearm Cleaning Kit includes T-Handle, 43" coated flexible cleaning cable for rifle or shotgun, 7.5" brass cleaning rod for pistols, double-sided nylon cleaning brush, 3 slotted tips (12GA, .22 cal (223/5.56), .30 cal)
  • The universal gun cleaning kit basically covers all caliber guns. Includes Phosphor bronze shotgun brushes of 12GA & 20GA, rifle brushes of .30 cal, .27 cal, .22 cal (223/5.56), and pistol brushes of .45 cal, .40 cal, .38 cal/9mm

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