GRITR OWB Kydex Right Hand Holster Fits Glock 17 w/ Surefire X300

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Product Description

GRITR OWB Holster Fits Glock 17 with Surefire X300: Product Info

The GRITR OWB Holster for the Glock 17 is designed to be worn outside the waistband to provide quick access to your gun. It is exceptionally lightweight and comfortable enough for all-day carrying purposes.

FITS GUN MODELS - The GRITR OWB holster is created for the Glock 17 Gen 1-5, G17 MOS Gen 4/5, G17M, G19 Gen 1-5, G19 MOS Gen 4/5, G19M, G19X, G22 Gen 3/4, G23 Gen 3/4, G26 Gen 1-5, G31 Gen 3/4, G32 Gen 3/4, G34 Gen 1-5, G34 MOS Gen 4/5, G45, G47, G47 MOS. Compatible with Surefire X300 tactical light. Some models of pistols have longer slides that extend beyond the holster. In this case, retention adjustments may be required.

OPTICS-READY PISTOL HOLSTER - All GRITR holsters come with an optic cut and open bottom to accommodate different red dot sights, threaded barrels, and compensators, allowing you to customize your pistol the way you want and still have a great holster to carry it in.

COMPATIBLE WITH SAFARILAND QLS & G-CODE RTI - Fits the Safariland Quick Locking System as well as the G-Code Rapid Transition Interface, allowing you to easily move or change your pistol without removing it from the holster. The new GRITR 2023 holster is constructed by professionals, meeting the needs of experienced and amateur shooters.

ADJUSTABLE RETENTION & CANT - GRITR EDC holsters come with an adjustable retention screw, letting you customize the holster for the perfect fit, while ensuring your gun is secure. An adjustable cant allows you to choose any carry angle up to 360 degrees, making it a great pistol accessory for gun owners with different carry styles.

TOP-QUALITY MATERIALS - This GRITR gun holster is made of thick .08" (2mm) Kydex. Crafted from waterproof, hand-washable and lightweight material, the OWB holster preserves your Glock 17 handgun in perfect condition.

UNLIMITED GRIT LIFETIME WARRANTY - The GRITR holster is covered by our UNLIMITED GRIT Lifetime Warranty. If your pistol holster becomes damaged or defective, GRITR will repair it free of charge. In the event your gear can't be repaired, we will replace it with an equal or superior model. The UNLIMITED GRIT Warranty does not cover lost, stolen, and cosmetically or deliberately damaged products. Everything else is covered.

DISCLAIMER: This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by GLOCK. GLOCK does not warrant or represent that this product is compatible with GLOCK pistols.

Features of GRITR OWB Holster Fits Glock 17 with Surefire X300

  • Fits the Glock 17 Gen 1-5, G17 MOS Gen 4/5, G17M w/ Surefire X300 tactical light
  • Compatible with Safariland QLS & G-Code RTI systems for quick gun movement without unholstering it
  • Features an Optic Cut to be compatible with various red dot sights
  • Comes with a contoured pass through Belt Loop system, adjustable up to 2-1/4"
  • Crafted with an Open Bottom to accommodate different threaded barrels and compensators
  • Created with the Posi-Click Audible Retention Lock System, letting you know when your handgun is firmly in place
  • Utilizes an Adjustable Cant, allowing you to choose holster placement
  • Made of strong 0.08" (2mm) Kydex material
  • Does not fit laser-mounted gun models
  • Hand-washable, waterproof, and lightweight pistol accessory

Other Details

Right Hand
Firearm Fit:
Product Type:


Type OWB Holster
Material Kydex
Fits Glock 17 Gen 1-5, G17 MOS Gen 4/5, G17M
Color Black
Weight 0.31 lb

This OWB holster features the Posi-Click Audible Retention Lock system, which allows you to hear a "click" sound when your pistol is firmly seated. Our GRITR holster fits your handgun like a glove, keeping  it safe from scratches and other damage. 

The GRITR holster’s belt loops are contoured, providing great comfort for all-day use. The pass-through belt loops have locking mechanisms that can be adjusted or removed to work with belts up to 2-1/4". Our holster remains fastened firmly to your belt when drawing the gun or moving. 

GRITR OWB holsters are created with comfort and functionality in mind, allowing you to choose the position of your pistol for carrying. They are typically worn as open carry, but you can conceal your holster by covering it with a shirt, jacket, and so on.

This product has a One-Year Limited Warranty.

However, at GRITR, we believe limited warranties lack real grit. So we’ve created our UNLIMITED GRIT Warranty.

Fill in the UNLIMITED GRIT Warranty form on our website and have peace of mind. Your gear is protected FOREVER.

Do not forget: you are allowed to register UNLIMITED GRIT Warranty only within 60 days of placing your order.