GRITR All-in-One CLP 8 oz. Gun Cleaner, Lubricant & Protectant Spray

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Gritr Gun CLP Spray: Product Info

Are you looking for an all-purpose gun cleaner? Our GRITR Gun Cleaner, Lubricant & Protectant is an all-in-one gun solvent suitable for maintenance of various gun models. Successfully eliminates oil, dirt, copper, lead, grime, and other contaminants, even in areas that are not easily accessible. This gun oil lube forms a protective barrier between metal pieces and prevents gun parts from wearing and tearing and eventually breaking. Store your firearms, knowing that the next time you need them, they will be well protected.
Safe on wood stocks, polymers, plastics, camo coatings, gold inlays, and more. It is worth trying on a small area before use. It may tarnish or remove some finishes.


Consult your manufactures' recommended care instructions for your firearm.
Shake well before using.
For Cleaning: Spray on the desired area and wipe the surface clean.
For Lubrication: Spray on the desired area and let the sprayed surface dry. Do not over-apply. Wipe off excess oil.
Store in a cool, dry area for best shelf life.


Yes, unlimited means UNLIMITED, as often as you need it. Should your product become damaged or defective, GRITR will repair it at no cost to you. If your product can't be repaired, we will replace it with an equal or superior model. Our warranty, like our grit, doesn't surrender.

However, there are a few circumstances it doesn't cover. The UNLIMITED GRIT Warranty does not cover lost, stolen, or deliberately damaged products. Everything else and you're covered.

Features of Gritr Gun CLP Spray

  • Cleans, lubricates, and protects your guns at the same time
  • Made of natural materials
  • Effectively removes oils, dirt, copper, lead, grime, and other contaminants
  • Safe for wood, polymers, plastics, camo coatings, gold inlays, and more
  • Features a pleasant citrus scent with no harsh-smelling chemicals added
  • Comes in a spray bottle for convenient use
  • Suitable for quick on-the-go cleaning or thorough breakdown on your workbench at home
  • Ideal for careful cleaning of all types of guns: rifles, pistols, shotguns, revolvers, and more
  • Proudly produced here in the USA
  • Quick, super-efficient, safe, easy to use, and biodegradable

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This cleaning spray keeps guns maintained and operating in the field across a number of different circumstances. Performs well even in situations of great temperature fluctuations or quick cleaning on the go.

Comes in 8 oz. spray bottles with the fine mist sprayers for gun cleaner even application. The bottle of the GRITR oil lube, which does not harden, stick, or weatherize, can easily fit in your backpack or range bag.

Manufactured from all-natural ingredients to keep your gun in the best condition possible and extend its lifespan. Our cleaning oil is compatible with various finishes, which means you can use it on all parts of your gun.

This product has a One-Year Limited Warranty.

However, at GRITR, we believe limited warranties lack real grit. So we’ve created our UNLIMITED GRIT Warranty.

Fill in the UNLIMITED GRIT Warranty form on our website and have peace of mind. Your gear is protected FOREVER.

Do not forget: you are allowed to register UNLIMITED GRIT Warranty only within 60 days of placing your order.