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GritrGear does its best to create the most accurate and detailed catalog of hunting & tactical gear and related products. But our listings may contain errors or omissions regarding pricing, description, images. We are grateful to those who write us about it. You’re making us better.


Please note that our prices and promotions are subject to change, and will sometimes vary among our websites, catalogs, and stores. We cannot confirm the price or availability of a product until after your order is placed

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team wants to make sure that you are comfortable and confident in your equipment. If you are not fully satisfied within 14 days of receiving your item, we will accept it for an exchange or return with a 17% restocking fee

Sales Tax

Our offline location is in one of the best states in the Union - Texas! As many of you know, Texas is one of the few states still left that does not have a state income tax. What we do have though is Sales Tax and we are obligated to collect it on ALL SALES made to shipping addresses in Texas.

If you reside in Texas and you order something from us, your order will be charged sales tax. In Texas, sales tax is calculated based on origin, not destination. Our warehouse is in North Richland Hills, Texas and the local sales tax is 8.25%.

Product Availability

We cannot guarantee products listed as "in stock" on our website, even if the page indicates the product is in stock when the order is placed. We will however do our best to fulfill your order in the shortest time possible if the item is not currently in stock


Should you see an error on the site or receive a product different from what you thought you were ordering - contact our Customer Service team. We would love to make things right with you.