International Orders and Shipping

GritrGear can ship orders to customers all over the world. We have expertise in international shipping and export compliance. We work in close cooperation with the Department of Commerce and the Department of State to provide our customers with information about exports of restricted products. We also deal with major carriers to ensure the best shipping service.

Below are key points that international customers need to be aware of:


Export Controls

Some types of products can be restricted for export from the USA. We do our best to identify these products on our website and make required updates. But you should keep an eye on items that are subject to export controls. For a full list of laws and regulations managing export controls - please contact:

U.S. Department of Commerce

Bureau of Industry and Security

(202) 482-4811


U.S. Department of State

Directorate of Defense Trade Controls

(202) 663-1282

When making an order at GritrGear, please keep in mind that we reserve all rights to perform necessary inspection for export compliance, which may cause a delay or even a cancellation of your order. To proceed further, our customer service team will contact you to get the required information.

While making a purchase at GritrGear, you as a customer, confirm, that you will comply with any and all applicable laws and regulations governing the export of these products from the United States of America.

This is true in case you buy the goods domestically and subsequently export them from the country.


Brand Restrictions

Although we regularly ship products to all parts of the world, there is a limited assortment of products that we are not able to ship internationally. This applies to the items that have restrictions due to brand-specific agreements and geographical restrictions. In case it is impossible to ship products to your country due to brand distribution limitations, you will be notified accordingly.


International Taxes, Duties and Fees

You are responsible for all laws, local regulations and rules that may be imposed on your order upon arrival into your country. By placing the order, you confirm that you are solely responsible for these fees. Should you decide to cancel your order, any fees charged for the return shipment will be deducted from your refund.


International Shipping Timelines

Shipping timelines differ by country and chosen shipping method:

International Priority shipments - 10-14 days.

International Express shipments - 3-7 days.

These estimates are valid for transit time and do not include time associated with customs clearance.


International Payment Options 

To successfully perform the payment order, credit card should be from countries supporting credit card verification process. For all other cases, you will need to make payment by use of a wire transfer. To get instructions on a wire transfer, contact our customer service team beforehand.


International Refunds

International refunds are handled in the same way as domestic refunds. For more details have a look at our Returns/Exchanges/Refunds section.


International Warranty

If your product fails past the first 30 days after receipt, you should contact our support team for instructions on warranty repair. The destination point for product repair is discussed accordingly. We may ask you to ship the product to the local warranty center or to ship the product back to us. We are not responsible for freight costs on warranty returns past the 30-day window. You should discuss freight costs with the manufacturer of the product, but we will do our best to help you in this process. Any misuse of products is not covered under warranty.